Chinese Brush Painting Iris

oriental painting
Danny will show you how to paint Iris using Chinese brush painting techniques on Xuan Paper. This painting Iris demo intended for those who either want to start painting or want to know more about Chinese brush painting. If you feel that this is a useful demo then please Like it or share it with your friends, so that the video can benefit many others who want to learn the technique of Chinese brush painting. Thank You.

Duration : 0:2:27

18 Responses to “Chinese Brush Painting Iris”

  1. karthiknagapuri36 says:


  2. марина иванова says:

    Работа Мастера! …
    Работа Мастера! Завораживает… Большой респект!

  3. марина иванова says:

    Очень красиво и …
    Очень красиво и реалистично! Спасибо Мастеру!

  4. janelle guerra says:

    A M A Z Z Z I N G! …
    A M A Z Z Z I N G!!!!!

  5. paula graham says:



  6. KarlaMamacita says:

    can you show this …
    can you show this step by step ?

  7. dingoswamphead says:

    My guess is that …
    My guess is that he has done it before.

  8. shoshanna53 says:

    You use of colors …
    You use of colors and your placement and use of space is fantastic. Elegant and graceful. Thank you.

  9. shoshanna53 says:

    Your use of colors …
    Your use of colors and your placement is fantastic. So delicate.

  10. Gail Racy says:

    Simple and …
    Simple and beautiful!

  11. OrangeBlossom3 says:

    So Beautiful!
    So Beautiful!

  12. saintsimonsisland says:

    just beautiful , …
    just beautiful , thank you very much

  13. cattylynn43 says:

    Enjoyed this very …
    Enjoyed this very much , but for those of us who are just starting out it would be nice to have this in real time . Or in steps , so we can pay closer attention to detail .
    And which paper to use and describe the brushes as you use them.
    I have just moved to Germany from Beijing and have no classes here . And this would be of a great help to me. Thankyou so much , Christine

  14. 4nDi says:

    Hi, i want to know …
    Hi, i want to know what kind of watercolor paper are you using? The Chinese rice paper? or the American watercolor paper from Arts store? If you are using the Chinese rice paper. which side are you using? the semi-smooth surface or the rough texture side?

  15. mriding says:

    Very beautiful. …
    Very beautiful. Would have been helpful to have shown which brushes were used and colours as well as medium usedl

  16. MrJuniorlinares says:

    it looks awesome

    it looks awesome
    what kind of brushes do u use to do the flower?

  17. shoshanna53 says:

    This is just …
    This is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent. Stunning.

  18. kay smith says:

    enjoyed this very …
    enjoyed this very much, looks so real like.

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